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From Botox to Fillers: The Definitive Guide to Gifting Med Spa Treatments

Use our chart showing filler recommendations by age to take the guesswork out of choosing the perfect amount for your loved one. Whether they're in their 20s, 30s, 40s, or beyond, this chart serves as a starting point to tailor their beauty experience.

For those considering Botox, our Botox By Area pricing ensures transparent and easy-to-understand costs, helping you plan your treatments effectively.

Keep in mind: The syringe recommendations and Botox units are guidelines, not guarantees. For the most personalized treatment, a consultation with our expert injectors is key!

Our gift cards can be added to your cart multiple times, up to a $1,000 limit per card, allowing you to customize the value based on the chart and your budget.

Filler pricing- by the decade
Age 20s: 3-5 syringes
Estimated Cost: $2,400 - $4,000
Age 30s: 5-7 syringes
Estimated Cost: $4,000 - $5,600
Age 40s: 7-9 syringes
Estimated Cost: $5,600 - $7,200
Age 50s: 9-11 syringes
Estimated Cost: $7,200 - $8,800
Age 60+: 12+ syringes
Estimated Cost: $9,600 and up
Botox pricing - by area
Forehead 20 u
Estimated Cost: $240
Frown Lines 20 u
Estimated Cost: $240
Crow’s Feet 24 u
Estimated Cost: $288
Bunny Lines 5-10 u
Estimated Cost: $60 - $120
Lip Flip 10-20 u
Estimated Cost: $120 - $240
Gummy Smile 10-20 u
Estimated Cost: $120 - $240
Jawline (TMJ) 25-60 u
Estimated Cost: $300 - $720
Dimpled Chin 4-8 u
Estimated Cost: $48 - $96
Platysmal Bands 30-60 u
Estimated Cost: $360 - $720