August Recap + a Patient's Jaw-Dropping Dissolver Journey
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We're always dedicated to leveling up our skills, knowledge, and expertise in order to serve you better - and this past August was filled with amazing training opportunities, industry events, and client transformations that allowed us to do just that!

Aesthetic Extender Symposium

One of the major highlights from August was attending the 2023 Aesthetic Extender Symposium held in Boca Raton, Florida. This four-day conference gathered the best of the best in the medical aesthetics industry for cutting-edge education sessions. Our entire team attended and immersed ourselves in learning about the latest therapies, technologies, techniques and services shaping the future of the field.

The symposium sessions covered a diverse range of topics, from advances in cosmetic injectables to combination laser treatments and everything in between. We learned tips and tricks from experienced practitioner-educators for achieving optimal results with dermal fillers and neuromodulators. Several sessions dove into practice management strategies for everything from social media marketing to staff training and patient retention.

One of the aspects we found most valuable was making connections with industry experts and leaders. It was wonderful to meet pioneers in the space like Erika Barry, Leslie Fletcher, and Shino Bay up close and personal. We also reconnected with Danielle White, an incredible injector trainer who led a hands-on session for our team earlier in August (more on that below!) Being able to learn from these experienced, knowledgeable professionals was truly priceless.

AMI Injector Training with Danielle White

In addition to attending the Extender Symposium in August, our team also participated in an intensive injector training session earlier in the month.

We were privileged to host Danielle White, a highly renowned trainer, educator and nurse practitioner in the aesthetics field. Danielle shared her immense expertise for an immersive day of hands-on injectables technique refinement.

An Incredible Patient Dissolver Journey

We really want to highlight an important service we offer patients - dissolving filler. This can sometimes be taboo to talk about in the industry, but we feel it's so important to educate patients about the filler lifecycle and true upkeep to ensure flawless looking benefits!

One of our lovely patients came to us unhappy with filler results from previous providers that left her looking overfilled. After assessing her concerns and facial features, we advised that additional filler would not improve the situation. What she really needed was a "reset" through dissolving the excess product already present. Although she was initially hesitant about losing fullness, she ultimately trusted our guidance.

Over the course of six gradual treatment sessions, we successfully dissolved the overdone filler and helped this patient reclaim her natural beauty. Session by session, we watched her exude more confidence as she returned to looking like herself. The transformation was striking and emotional.

She was kind enough to let us share her dissolving journey to showcase how impactful this service can be when filler no longer aligns with a patient's goals and facial harmony. If you are unhappy with filler results or just want a fresh start, reach out. We are always here to listen and provide thoughtful solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Up Next in September

August brought many new skills, connections, and insights to our Park Aesthetics team through industry conferences, elite training, and hands-on expertise building. We look forward to applying all that we've learned to give clients treatments and experiences beyond their expectations.

Our aim is not just correcting concerns or enhancing beauty temporarily, but helping each person unveil their best self with treatments customized for their unique facial canvas and aspirations. If you're looking to revitalize your appearance this fall, we're here to make it happen! Book a consultation today to get the ball rolling.