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We are now in fabulous fall, and cannot wait to get our cozy sweaters, boots and autumn fashion palettes happening! This past month of September was super busy, with a lot of exciting updates. Our biggest one is the new hiring of our wonderful new nurse injector, Lucy Lancaster! We’re so excited for you all to meet her and learn more about her. We also have some fun news about skin care - ZO Skin Health have just launched an amazing new retinol formulation called Complex A+ - this new product is an absolute game changer for skin elasticity, texture and wrinkles. We are dying for you all to learn more about it, we’re already obsessed. Plus, what are the fall favorite skin care essentials from all of us here at Park? We wanted to share these along with our favorite fall activities we’ve been so excited for! What are you most excited for now that the season has changed? We’d love to hear! 

P.S. We’re doing a couple of spooky Park drinks next month to get in the halloween spirit, let us know your requests! 

Meet Lucy! ✨

Introducing our newest Park Princess - Lucy Lancaster! Lucy is a Registered Nurse, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Sagittarius with a background in exercise science. She recently got engaged and moved to Savannah from Colorado with her fiance! She enjoys working with people to help them look and feel their best. She has a strong background working in the aesthetic industry and is currently training under Nurse Ragan to perfect our signature techniques. You’ll be able to book a consultation with Lucy soon to experience her talent for aesthetics and her kind and warm approach. We know you’ll love her as much as we do!

Fall Beauty Tips from Our Experts

Wondering how to transition your skincare routine from summer to fall? Our team shares their favorite products, treatments, and tips:

Ragan's Fall Tip:

"Don't forget ZO Growth Factor Serum to prevent collagen breakdown as temps drop."

Ragan's Fall Advice: 

"I recommend Daily Sheer SPF 50 sunscreen and resurfacing dull skin a few nights a week with ZO Wrinkle & Texture Repair for smooth, glowing skin."

Kayla's Fall Must-Haves:   

"I apply ZO Firming Serum to help with skin texture and tightening, and lock it in with hydrating ZO Renewal Crème."

Kayla's Fall Glow Getters:

"I exfoliate weekly with ZO Exfoliating Polish and smooth skin with ZO Hydrating Crème."

Sophia's Fall Skincare Tips: 

"I’m preparing my skin for fall with ZO Vitamin C Serum and gently resurfacing with ZO Exfoliating Cleanser."

Sophia's Fall Skin Saver:

"To replenish moisture, I apply super-rich ZO Hydrating Crème at night and dab on ZO Intense Eye Crème for under-eye brightening."

Brooke's Fall Routine:  

"I’m keeping my summer glow going with ZO Hydroquinone treatments and protecting with ZO Daily Power Defense."

Brooke's Fall Rejuvenation:

"I recommend Daily Power Defense and daily Brightalive for anti-aging benefits. Mixing Brightalive with Daily Power Defense is like a hydrafacial in a bottle!"

Lucy's Fall Skin Switch-Up:  

"I recommend swapping glycolic acids for hydrating ZO Renewal Creme to prep skin for colder weather."

Lucy's Fall Rejuvenation: 

"I recommend to clients a ZO 10% Vitamin C Self-Activating treatment to repair sun damage and boost collagen."

It’s Not Complicated, It’s Complex... A+

Can we get a drumroll, please? Introducing the latest sensation from ZO Skin Health – the Complex A+ serum!

This maximum concentration 1.3% retinol serum can help reduce wrinkles, sagging, large pores, and other aging skin issues. So how does it work, and what makes it different to your run-of-the-mill retinol? 

Q: What is Complex A+?

A: Complex A+ is an advanced new 1.3% retinol serum from ZO Skin Health that reduces wrinkles, sagging, pores and other aging skin concerns.

Q: How does it work?

A: It contains a very high concentration of retinol to renew skin faster. It also has antioxidant bakuchiol which helps the retinol absorb better and work longer.

Q: What else does bakuchiol do?

A: Bakuchiol also boosts collagen production and cell turnover in the skin while reducing lines and wrinkles.

Q: What makes the delivery system special?

A: Complex A+ uses a microemulsion delivery system to allow the retinol and bakuchiol to penetrate deeper into the skin for better anti-aging results.

Q: What were the results in testing?

A: In consumer trials, 100% of users saw improvement in wrinkles, sagging, pore size, and skin laxity after 12 weeks of using Complex A+.

Q: How is it different from other retinols?

A: Complex A+ is stronger and works better than typical retinol serums due to its high potency formula and special delivery system.

Q: Who should use Complex A+?

A: Anyone looking for dramatic anti-aging benefits from their skincare!

Note, this IS a prescription strength retinoid, so it is only purchasable in store. If you are interested, be sure to mention it at your next appointment!

Fall Activity Inspiration

In addition to prepping your skin for the changing weather, fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the season with festive activities like apple picking, hay rides, pumpkin carving, and more! Ask us for our favorite spots and ideas. 

Let us know if you need any skincare or beauty help this season. Happy fall!


The Park Aesthetics Team