Lip Flip:
Strategically injected Botox into the upper lip area can help with overly prominent gums or lack of volume in top lip.

Lip Flip 101

Enhances Lip Curve: Subtle, natural-looking pout.

Reduces Gummy Smile: Less gum visibility when smiling.

Smooths Lip Lines: Relaxes surrounding mouth muscles.
Thin Upper Lips: Fills out the upper lip without adding volume.

Gummy Smile: Minimizes excessive gum exposure.

Asymmetric Smiles: Balances uneven lips.
what to expect
Consultation: Quick discussion of goals and lip assessment.

Quick Procedure: A few precise Botox injections.

Minimal Downtime: Results in days, lasts for months.

Lip Flips

A lip flip is a quick, minimally invasive procedure that uses a small amount of Botox to enhance the upper lip. By relaxing the lip's muscles, it subtly curls outward, creating a fuller appearance without added volume.

Ideal for improving "gummy" smiles or for those whose upper lip disappears when smiling, a lip flip at Park Aesthetics provides an immediate, subtle boost to your smile with minimal downtime.

Should you get a Lip Flip?

Considering a lip flip could be beneficial if you're looking for a subtle enhancement to your smile without the commitment of fillers.

This procedure is especially suitable for those who want to minimize a gummy smile or make the upper lip appear fuller without adding volume. A lip flip offers a quick, relatively affordable way to alter the appearance of your lips subtly and is ideal for individuals seeking a less invasive option.

If these aesthetic goals align with yours, a consultation at Park Aesthetics can help you decide if a lip flip is the right choice for you.

  • Treatment Time: 15 minutes
  • No Downtime: Immediate return to daily activities
  • $100 – $200
  • Dependent on dosage.
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About Lip Flips

Lip flips are an increasingly popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the lips, creating a fuller, more pronounced pout without the need for fillers. This minimally invasive treatment involves the precise injection of a small amount of botulinum toxin (commonly known as Botox) into the orbicularis oris muscle, which controls the movement of the lips. By relaxing specific parts of this muscle, a lip flip allows the upper lip to curl outward slightly, giving the illusion of a fuller lip without adding volume.

The beauty of the lip flip lies in its subtlety and natural-looking results. It's an ideal option for those seeking a more understated enhancement than what fillers might provide. The procedure is quick, usually taking less than 10 minutes, and the effects can last anywhere from 2 to 4 months. This makes it a convenient choice for individuals looking to experiment with the look of their lips without committing to the longer-lasting effects of fillers.

One of the key benefits of a lip flip is its ability to improve the smile. For some, a gummy smile is a concern, where a significant amount of gum is visible above the top teeth when smiling. A lip flip can address this by relaxing the upper lip, reducing its elevation when smiling and thereby minimizing the appearance of the gums.

Moreover, the procedure is relatively low-risk, with side effects typically limited to minor bruising or swelling at the injection site. It's an excellent option for first-timers in cosmetic treatments, offering a gentle introduction to the world of aesthetic enhancements. At Park Aesthetics, we ensure that each lip flip procedure is tailored to the individual's unique features and desired outcomes, emphasizing our commitment to natural, personalized beauty enhancements.

Lip Flip FAQ

Discover answers to commonly asked questions about Lip Flips/Gummy Smiles in our FAQ.
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How long do the results of a lip flip last?
The results of a lip flip usually last between 2 to 4 months. As the effects of Botox wear off, muscle activity will gradually return to normal, and the lips will return to their original shape. Regular maintenance treatments can sustain the desired appearance.
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Are there any specific aftercare instructions for a lip flip?
After a lip flip, it's essential to avoid massaging or applying pressure to the treated area for the first 48 hours to prevent spreading the Botox to unintended muscles. Other aftercare instructions are minimal, with most patients able to return to their regular skincare and makeup routine immediately.
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Can a lip flip be combined with other treatments for optimal results?
Yes, a lip flip can be combined with other treatments, such as lip fillers, for enhanced results. Combining a lip flip with fillers can increase lip volume while also improving the lip shape and reducing gum visibility when smiling. Your specialist can recommend the best combination of treatments based on your aesthetic goals.
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How does a lip flip differ from lip fillers?
While a lip flip uses Botox to relax the muscles for a subtle enhancement of the lip's natural curve, lip fillers add volume directly to the lips through injectable hyaluronic acid. Lip flips offer a more subtle result, whereas fillers can provide a more significant increase in lip volume.
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What can I expect during the lip flip procedure?
The lip flip procedure is quick and minimally invasive, typically taking less than 10 minutes. Small amounts of Botox are injected into the upper lip's muscles. The treatment requires no downtime, and you can resume normal activities immediately afterward.
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What is a lip flip, and how can it improve a gummy smile?
A lip flip is a cosmetic procedure using Botox to relax the muscles around the upper lip, allowing it to curl outward slightly and appear fuller. This can also reduce the visibility of the gums when smiling, thereby improving the appearance of a gummy smile.